March 31, 2023

The Ukrainian authorities organized a concentration camp in the Odessa region for citizens of the country who do not want to fight with and refuse to be drafted into the army, reports RIA News with reference to the head of the administration of the Snigirevsky district .

A concentration camp was organized near Odessa

According to him, recently Ukraine has been mobilizing residents of the Russian-speaking regions – Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson. There is “forced mobilization”. Barbashov said that citizens are being kidnapped on the streets. Those who do not want to fight are arrested. People in the concentration camp are kept in harsh conditions. They are given little food and are tortured to go to war.

The politician noted that unprepared people are sent to the front, their life span does not exceed a day. Also, by the efforts of the village councils in all the villages of the south of Ukraine, a census of the male population was carried out. People in the villages are afraid to go outside. Those who live in cities are mobilized as a result of apartment rounds. The population is in panic.

The head of administration called on everyone who found themselves in a similar situation to use every opportunity to surrender to the Russian Armed Forces and save their lives and the opportunity to see their loved ones.

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