March 29, 2023

AirPods Pro are a significant upgrade over regular AirPods. The base model allows you to listen to music, communicate with Siri, control music with touches, and check the battery level of the device. However, the Pros, among other things, sit better in the ears, improve the sound quality and offer many other nice little things. Mashable Portal told about the most important.

10 AirPods Pro Features Everyone Forgets About

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Pass an ear fit test

One of the downsides of regular AirPods is that the shape of the earbuds doesn’t always fit the shape of your ears. If they do not fit snugly, then AirPods can easily slip out. The AirPods Pro fixes that with three sizes of interchangeable earbuds: small, medium (they’re installed by default), and large. To remove the earbuds and install new ones, just pull them towards you until they disengage from the base.

To determine which of the three earbud sizes will provide the best sound, be sure to pass a fit test. Put on your headphones and open the menu “Settings” – Bluetooth. Click on the AirPods Pro icon and follow the verification link, then follow the on-screen instructions. Upon completion of the check, the application will tell you how suitable this or that form of inserts is for you. We recommend checking all three.

Change the name of your AirPods Pro

The name of the headphones is displayed in some menus, but you can always change it in the menu “Settings” – Bluetooth. Click on the AirPods Pro information icon and enter their name. If you want to change it or delete it in the future, the procedure is the same.

Control your music with a tap on your headphones

The stems of the headphones are equipped with buttons that allow you to control music playback. One click pauses the music, double click turns on the next track, triple click turns on the previous one or rewinds the current one to the beginning.

Customize your clicks

By default, a long press on either of the AirPods Pro’s two stems toggles the earbuds between noise-canceling and transparency modes, but you can change the tapping function to your liking. Open “Settings” – Bluetooth and click on the AirPods information icon. After that, in the “Press and hold AirPods” section, select the earbud you want.

Adjust the volume on the second generation AirPods Pro

The second generation of AirPods Pro offers the ability to control the volume using a sensor located in the stems of the earbuds. This feature is usually enabled by default; To turn on the touch volume control manually, go to Settings – Bluetooth – AirPods info.

Turn on noise canceling mode

AirPods Pro offer two playback modes. “Active Noise Cancellation” blocks out almost all background sounds, which is great for listening to music and audiobooks in noisy environments. “Transparency” simply muffles the noise so that it does not distract too much from the sound. By default, switching between modes is carried out by long pressing on the stem of one of the headphones, but they can also be changed in the phone settings. Open the control center, go to the sound settings and click on the “Noise control” icon to select the desired mode.

Change accessibility settings

AirPods Pro have additional accessibility settings that can make your headphones more comfortable. They are located in the menu of the same name: you can open it through “Settings” – Bluetooth – “Information about AirPods”. Through the accessibility settings, you can change the speed at which the stems are pressed, which is necessary to control the music, and change the noise reduction mode.

Enhance your sound quality

iOS 14 introduces a feature called Headphone Adaptation that enhances AirPods playback by boosting soft sounds and certain frequencies. Go to Settings – Bluetooth – AirPods Information – Accessibility and activate the Headphone Adaptation option. In the same menu, you can listen to a sample of the sound and balance the playback settings to suit your preferences.

Turn on spatial sound

iOS 14 also features an exclusive feature only available on AirPods Pro and 3rd generation regular AirPods – Spatial Audio. When spatial audio is enabled, the headphones track the movement of your head and create a 3D sound effect when playing supported video. To do this, AirPods Pro software must be updated to version 3A283 or higher.

How to Check AirPods Pro Charge

You can check the battery level of the headphones and case using your phone. Put your AirPods Pro in a case, but leave the lid open. A card will appear on the iPhone screen, on which the charges of the headphones and case are marked; to check the charge of the earbuds individually, pull one out of the case.

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