May 28, 2023

In some places, the shore of the Gulf of Finland has acquired a strange yellow color, and in some places the water has also acquired. This is not connected with chemicals and other dangers, the press service of the North-Western Directorate of Rosprirodnadzor explains on May 26.

Northwestern Department of Rosprirodnadzor

It turns out that the matter is in the flowering of trees: yellow stains are just pollen. It comes in many colors, but usually has a yellowish pigment. Such plaque is actively formed during rains, which “wash out large pollen grains from the air.”

Northwestern Department of Rosprirodnadzor

The department explains that in mid-May spruce and birch usually “dust”, and at the end – pine and oak. Pollen grains circulate in the atmosphere with the help of air “sacs”.

The coast and water turned yellow both in St. Petersburg and in some areas of the Leningrad region. The same phenomenon can be observed in the Kaliningrad region on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

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