March 30, 2023

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Today, in the age of the Internet and convenience-oriented services, it is difficult to imagine life without the online delivery of essential products: prepared food, groceries, electronics, clothing… even the flower delivery Barcelonaone of the floral capitals of Europe, has many convenient flower delivery services.

If you still think that it is safer to leave the house, walk a couple of blocks, visit a flower shop, buy your favorite bouquet and then take it to your loved ones, read the main advantages of online delivery.

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These are some of the advantages of buying flowers online

#1 Process that saves time:

If you buy it yourself, how many florists are you willing to go to in search of the best bouquet? Two or three at most. This technological and comfortable service will allow you to instantly see the current assortment of dozens of florists and salons, and place an order in any of them without having to get up from your seat.

Statistically, it takes at least 45 minutes to buy a bouquet even in the nearest flower shop, while an online order takes no more than 10 minutes.

#2 Convenience for shopping:

By buying online, you avoid having to torture the florist with questions. The aggregator’s website offers you all the information about the bouquet, right down to the variety of each flower. The packaging and transportation of fragile goods falls entirely on the store and the service, and a guarantee of quality can be a photo of the ready bouquet, which the executor sends you before delivering the order to the courier.

#3 Great variety of choice:

Only if you shop online at a large florist market will you be able to investigate the offers of several stores at once. This is especially important if you are looking for specific flowers or a bouquet in a particular and unusual shade.

Online ordering gives you access to all registered stores, which may be located in different parts of the city.

#4 Easy to compare:

Make the bouquet comparison option to choose the most appropriate one that your loved ones like the most. Compare not only the price, but also the design and speed of delivery to the address you specify. This is especially important if you have forgotten about the holidays and need the gift delivered as soon as possible.

#5 Pre-order:

Those who are used to organizing everything in advance will love the pre-order option: you can choose a bouquet and create an order 7 days before the day and time it is due for delivery. The florist will have plenty of time to prepare a fresh and well-cared flower arrangement for you, and all you have to do is check for changes in the order status (usually via push notifications).

#6 Payment methods:

We use secure online payment systems: ApplePay, Google Pay or bank card. The money is frozen in your account and is not withdrawn until the order has been delivered. If for any reason you decide to cancel your order, the funds will automatically become available in your account: this will save you from having to wait for your money to be returned.

#7 Fresh flowers:

Online ordering is a reliable way to accurately find fresh cut flowers from new deliveries. First of all, if the flowers in one store do not seem fresh enough to you, you can always find the same variety in another salon. Secondly, some services (such as Flowwow) allow you to open a live chat with the seller from whom you have ordered the flowers, discuss with him the details of the order and ask him to send you photos of the flowers not yet packaged, so that you can be sure of its freshness.

Plus, our online flower delivery service protects you. If you receive stale flowers, you can open a dispute with the store and get your money back.

Questions and answers:

Is it better to order flowers online or in the store?

Lately, more and more buyers choose to place their orders online. The main advantage is access to the offer of dozens of stores, simplicity and comfort.

Why is online gift delivery profitable for customers?

First of all, you will save time and effort in choosing the perfect bouquet. Second, you monitor the status of your order from within the app while you mind your own business. Third, you can entrust the delivery of your delicate and fragile order to professionals.

What are the main advantages of online flower delivery services?

All buyers highlight its advantages, the most popular being the possibility of comparing suitable products, secure and fast payment with a single click, the wide range of products and speed (the best services guarantee delivery of the bouquet within the next 30 minutes). to order).

Why is flower delivery important?

Flowers are an integral part of today’s non-verbal language. With a bouquet of flowers you can express what you cannot say in words: show your interest and affection, declare your love, make an appointment, express your gratitude, apologize, in short, organize a pleasant surprise for your loved ones, even if you Even if you are hundreds of kilometers away and cannot congratulate him in person.

Why do people like to buy flowers?

First of all, we usually buy flowers for a nice and festive occasion. Contemplating beautiful flowers puts us in a good mood and improves our mood. So we instinctively rejoice at the opportunity to give our loved ones a nice gift. Finally, the process of choosing a bouquet among thousands of beautiful arrangements is a great aesthetic pleasure.

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