June 3, 2023

Favorite tastes in a modern format.
What to try at the Ice Cream Festival

The Ice Cream Festival in St. Petersburg needs no introduction: it has been running for nearly 30 years. During the event, his guests eat about 35 tons of their favorite cold dessert! This year, a special scale is expected: the gourmet feast will last for two days.

One of the main participants of the holiday will again be the oldest ice cream manufacturer in St. Petersburg “Petroholod”. Working for citizens since 1946, the company carefully preserves traditions and maintains a high level of quality in accordance with GOST.

“Petroholod” has prepared a lot of interesting things for guests of the Ice Cream Festival of all ages

✦ Contests
✦ Draws
✦ Master classes
✦ Face painting
✦ Gifts

But the most important thing, of course, is ice cream. Several brands of the legendary manufacturer will be presented at the site. We will indicate only three from this list – you know them well.

A historic ice cream brand revived in 2022. Having retained the original recipe, the manufacturer has supplemented the line with modern formats. A cream bar, a sugar cone, a gourmet straw or a classic popsicle – there is plenty to choose from.

There is hardly anyone who has not tried this ice cream in a waffle cup. Simple and natural, understandable from childhood tastes can be tasted again at the Ice Cream Festival.

Ice cream according to the classic Soviet recipe. Presented in an assortment for every taste: ice cream, creme brulee, pistachio ice cream, cherry ice cream, as well as ice cream with chocolate chips.

Currently, Petroholod has moved production to two modern high-tech sites. One of them is located in Vologda, the second – in Tutaev, Yaroslavl region. Both regions are famous for their dairy production traditions, so the quality of the ice cream is even better thanks to the use of farm milk. The entire cooking process is automated. Ready desserts undergo strict laboratory control. Both productions have the certificate “Eco-product”.

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