June 3, 2023
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The closer the summer, the more often juicy shades are found on the nails of famous actresses and models. But gentle nude is also in trend – especially in combination with metallic coating. What manicure will be the most fashionable next season, colleagues from Woman.ru, The girl And Marie Claire.

Azure, turquoise, sea, sky. All shades of blue always in trend in the summer, and 2023 is no exception. If you want your nails to be really bright, find any photo of the Cote d’Azur. The waters of the Mediterranean Sea on this coast change color regularly, depending on the weather – feel free to choose any shade from this palette. Or you can combine several colors in a manicure using the gradient technique.


White manicure Perfectly emphasizes the tan and will go well with a black swimsuit. And this is not about a milky or, for example, a brilliant shade, but about a dense color, which is usually used for French. Take an example from the American model Kendall Jenner: she lives in hot California and is already sunbathing on the beach with might and main, demonstrating short white marigolds in social networks.

On short nails, white color looks better with a “soft square” shape.
On short nails, white color looks better with a “soft square” shape.Photo: Adobe Stock

If you like something darker, nails are good for the summer. caramel color. Have you tried flan, also called “cream caramel”? It is a custard pudding with a layer of clear sugar sauce and is considered one of the most delicious desserts in the world. The color of the flan is unlike anything else: it is too transparent to be called milky, and too light to be just brown. This appetizing shade will look great on summer nails. But when choosing a varnish, look at the red, light coffee and other “intermediate” colors – there you will definitely find your favorite.

Quite an appetizing flavor, isn't it?
Quite an appetizing flavor, isn’t it?Photo: Adobe Stock

For those who love design, we advise you to add some gold to your nails. It is a symbol of luxury and elegance: with it, the nails will immediately become more refined and glamorous. golden design perfect for any nude manicure. Apply glitter dots, geometric patterns, or a golden rubbing to clear polish and shine in the sun.

Gold design goes well with accessories
Gold design goes well with accessoriesPhoto: Adobe Stock

If you’re in a playful mood, try manicure with lines. They can be anything: colored or shiny, frequent or rare. This design will help to correct the nails: to visually narrow the nail plate, use vertical stripes, and apply horizontal lines to “expand” the nail.

Colorful lines create a playful mood
Colorful lines create a playful moodPhoto: Adobe Stock

One of the main manicure trends of recent years is pearl. If you like this design, try to make vanilla nails. To do this, you can apply a pearl powder on a white varnish or simply cover your nails with a transparent varnish, and then decorate them with sparkles. In summer, delicate cream shades combined with a delicate shine will look refreshing.


Variation for lovers of delicate light color – coconut nails. Jennifer Lopez recently appeared with these at the event of her own brand. This is a nude manicure, for the creation of which a translucent coating is used. As a result, the plate retains its natural color, but acquires a coconut, milky white tint. You can also apply pearl rub on your nails – and you will shine.

In summer, a shade of coconut will help to take a break from juicy flowers.
In summer, a shade of coconut will help to take a break from juicy flowers.Photo: Adobe Stock

Want brightness, but not too much? How do you like matcha green japanese tea? Even if you prefer coffee, you will definitely like the shade of this drink on your nails. This shade of green refreshes the manicure and looks good solo or in combination with pastel colors. You can, for example, try to make a jacket in matcha color – on long almond-shaped nails, it looks especially attractive.

Matcha is great for both long and short nails.
Matcha is great for both long and short nails.Photo: Adobe Stock

Design lovers are advised to try to apply on nails small drawings. Miniature daisies, hearts or cherries will complement a French or nude base. Do not be afraid to experiment: figures can be painted over bright shades of varnish.

Small drawings look good on a French manicure
Small drawings look good on a French manicurePhoto: Adobe Stock

You may be surprised, but the seemingly forgotten design “cat’s eye” came back into fashion. The main feature of such a manicure is a shining “flare”: the master creates it with the help of a special coating and a magnet.

“Cat’s eye” is often used with dark shades.Photo: Adobe Stock

True, now a more uniform “flare” is in fashion, which visually makes the nail more voluminous. If you want brightness, combine the design with any rich color. But it will also look good on nude nails.

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