June 3, 2023

In St. Petersburg on Wednesday, May 24, the air will warm up “to 25 degrees Celsius” and it will be sunny. “Another great day, the air temperature has already exceeded +20 degrees. This is compensation to us for the hail and thunder Monday, ” told chief weather forecaster of the city Alexander Kolesov in his Telegram channel.

Temperatures are expected to peak this week today. Already from Thursday, the St. Petersburg weather forecaster noted, a cold snap will begin – this process will unfold gradually.

“Tomorrow is the same warm day, but the nature of the weather will begin to change in the evening, and on Friday night we are waiting for the passage of a cold atmospheric front with short rains, in some places with thunderstorms,” Kolesova said.

Then there will be a change in the air mass to a cooler one.

“The next couple of days, the maximum air temperature during the day in St. Petersburg will be only +15 … +17 degrees and only on Sunday it will become warmer again,” Alexander Kolesov gave a cool forecast.

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