June 5, 2023

By decision of the Antiterrorist Commission in St. Petersburg, it will be forbidden to park near metro stations. Two have already hung the appropriate signs and even carried out a raid, the third is next in line.

Employees of the Committee for Transport of St. Petersburg, together with traffic police inspectors, raided the stations “Alexander Nevsky Square – 1” and “Alexander Nevsky Square – 2”, the press service of the Komtrans reported on May 17. Vehicles parked near the metro lobbies were identified in violation of the prohibitory road signs that were installed there in May as part of anti-terrorist security. As a result, administrative protocols were drawn up for 10 drivers whose cars stood in the area of ​​the signs for more than 5 minutes. The fine for this violation is 3 thousand rubles.

St. Petersburg Transport Committee

Changes in the traffic organization scheme were developed to counteract the uncontrolled placement of vehicles near metro lobbies and were approved by the decision of the Antiterrorist Commission of St. Petersburg and the city Operational Headquarters. “72 stations were checked by the commission, vehicles are constantly parked at 12 stations, which can pose a threat to citizens,” added Mikhail Chernov, chief specialist of the transport security control department of the Transport Committee.

In May, signs 5.27 “Zone with parking restrictions” were installed near the metro stations “Alexander Nevsky Square – 1, 2”, which shows the beginning of the territory where parking is prohibited for more than 5 minutes, and 5.28 “End of the zone with parking restrictions”. The same ones will soon appear at the Ulitsa Dybenko station.

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