June 4, 2023

The victims of the death starvation and massacre in the Kenyan locality of Shakahol may have had their internal organs cut out before burial.

“The autopsy reports found the absence of organs in some of the exhumed bodies of the victims,” — reported On May 9, the Kenyan edition of The Nation, citing Chief Inspector Martin Moonen.

Police are trying to uncover a link between alleged cult leader Paul McKenzie to the human organ trafficking business. According to the chief inspector, many of the sect’s followers have disappeared mysteriously.

By May 9, 112 bodies of the dead had already been discovered. Recently “Fontanka” informed about the discovery of 98 bodies. The process of identifying the victims by DNA is still underway. And there is a suspicion that far from all the bodies have been discovered yet.

Meanwhile, the accounts of Pastor Ezekiel and his Prayer Center and New Life Church were frozen.

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