June 4, 2023

On May 9, a federal jury in Manhattan ruled that former US President Donald Trump sexually assaulted writer and journalist Elizabeth Jean Carroll in 1996 in the fitting room of a luxury department store. Now the politician has to pay her $5 million. On the results of the meeting tells on CNN broadcast.

Trump pleaded not guilty and did not testify. He simply stated that Jean Carroll was “not his type” and suggested that the story was made up to boost sales of her book.

The writer demanded compensation for physical harm and a refutation of Trump’s statement about her, published by the politician on social networks in 2022. The jury found the ex-US leader guilty of both physical assault ($2 million) and defamation of a woman ($3 million). As a result, the total amount that the politician must pay amounted to $ 5 million.

There were three men and three women on the jury. They conferred for 2.5 hours.

Carroll filed a lawsuit in November 2022, the lawsuit was civil.

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