June 4, 2023

In the Petrogradsky district on the embankment of the Karpovka River in the location near the Barochny Bridge, workers began cutting down trees on May 2. This was told to Fontanka by an eyewitness, a Petersburger Ilya, who threatened the workers with the police.

Fontanka reader Ilya

According to him, the workers do not have a logging ticket. The editors were also unable to find this document on the Objects of the Urban Environment website. In response to the man’s demand to present a document for cutting down, the workers advised him to turn to the authorities “with glasses”.

In a conversation with the editors, the man said that he had been to the police department, but from there he was asked to leave, since he was with a dog. The Petersburger plans to write a statement.

From April 21 Karpovka closed for shipping until the end of November for dredging work. Last year Fontanka wrote about a similar situation with the cleaning of Karpovka from bottom sediments, during which trees were cut down.

The administration of the Petrogradsky district told the editorial office: “No work is being carried out by order of the administration. According to our information, the work is [ГУП] Ecostroy. They are cleaning up Karpovka.”

According to the public procurement website, State Unitary Enterprise Ekostroy is indeed fulfilling a contract for bottom cleaning work on the section of the river from the Molodezhny Bridge (source) to the building at 37 Barochnaya Street. The amount is 104.5 million rubles. According to the plan, the work should be completed by the end of 2023.

Fontanka asked the committee for nature management to comment on the situation.

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