March 31, 2023

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The Gastronomic and Cross-border Fair of Gurumelo de paymogo Its XIX edition arrives “as a true festival for the senses to enjoy in the Andévalo region”. This was highlighted by the president of the Provincial Council, M.ª Eugenia Limón, on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition.

Limón congratulated the mayoress of Paymogo, María Dolores Fernández, and congratulated all the paymogueros and paymogueras “because you have perfectly understood that they are the endogenous resources of a territory, in this case a unique gastronomic product that gives us the Andevalan land such as Gurumelo, the best allies for the development of our peoples”.

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This natural resource of Paymogo, together with its cross-border geographical condition represented in its brotherhood with neighboring Mértola, make this Fair a unique event, “which is worth visiting and enjoying, in full bloom of spring, one of the best times to visit the Andévalo”, pointed out Limón.

The mayoress has also underlined the cross-border nature of this fair, which brings Paymogo closer to its neighboring Portuguese municipality of Mértola, with active participation in each edition by presenting various promotional stands.

As every third weekend of the month of March and with the purpose of promoting the gastronomic possibilities of the gurumelodisseminating and promoting the commercialization of this mushroom, this exhibition offers its visitors the opportunity to learn about the riches, the culture and the people of Paymogo, through heritage routes, tastings and showcookings with the ‘powerful amanita’, the scientific name of the gurumelo, as the protagonist.

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