May 28, 2023

Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov spoke about the opening of the federal fund “Defenders of the Fatherland”. The fund will help veterans of the special operation.

As Beglov said on the air of the 78th channel, the main task of the fund is to help those who have returned from service in purchasing medicines, rehabilitation, training and employment. “These people fought for our Motherland. None of them should be left alone with their difficulties,” the governor promised.

According to him, the fund will begin its work on May 31, employees who have already had experience in the social sphere have already been recruited. Who exactly will head the fund, Beglov did not say.

At the federal level, the fund is headed by the wife of the governor of Kuzbass, Anna Tsivileva. In April, the decree on her appointment was signed by Vladimir Putin. Funding for the fund is expected from the federal budget and donations. The central office of the fund with 130 employees is based in Moscow. Each region of Russia should open its own branches with social coordinators.

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