March 23, 2023

To apply, you need go to point data collection or to a mobile group carrying out field trips within the region.

You must have with you:

  • identity document,
  • identification code,
  • birth certificate of children
  • Bankcard number,
  • any documents confirming belonging to the vulnerability category.

All family members must be present for data collection.

The exception is people with limited mobility. For families where there are such people, it is allowed to register without their presence on the basis of original documents, upon presentation of a medical certificate confirming their state of health.

  • Since March 1, pensions have been indexed in Ukraine for almost all categories of its recipients. The conditions for recalculation vary depending on the type and date of the pension assigned to persons. For half a million recipients of pensions to whom they were assigned in 2020-2022, payments were not indexed.

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