March 21, 2023

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Until next March 30, the period to participate in the III Short Film Competition ‘Make me see!’an initiative with which the Huelva City Hall aims to help raise awareness and sensitize the student population of the capital about the needs of people with disabilities. Through this contest, the creation of audiovisual works that can give visibility to this group in all areas of society will be encouraged.

The Councilor for Social Policies and Equality, María José Pulido, wanted to emphasize that “it is a contest that in its two previous editions has been really positive and enriching for the participants, making it easier for students to get involved, express their creativity and work in a coordinated way as a team to show the life stories of Huelva people with disabilities and also to show that total inclusion is possible”.

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The municipal priority is that the participants offer a real vision of the day-to-day life of the group, of people of different ages, normalizing coexistence with people from Huelva with different abilities and with whom, in addition to sharing a classroom, the protagonists can show their complicity , sincere friendship and fun in his free time.

On the other hand, ‘Make me see!’ It can also be a showcase to show the different difficulties that these people face, in order to express their demands and concerns, as well as the barriers that they have faced in the past or those that they suffer at the moment.

Thanks to this contest, it will be possible to address disability with an informative, educational and/or sensitizing character. All this, through audiovisual creations for which the collaboration of both secondary education youth, as well as high school students, training cycles and specific classrooms from different schools and institutes in the city is requested.

Counting on the collaboration of Huelva waters, each of the winning participants of the different categories will receive a tablet as a prize. Likewise, the corresponding schools will be given a digital projector.

This contest is the result of the dialogue and consensus of the City Council with the entities that are part of the Personal Autonomy Council, the municipal objective being to reaffirm its commitment to equality and show a truly inclusive city. In this way, it is also intended that the youth visualize that each and every Huelva can have their own space and develop as people, showing their differences and getting excited about new challenges and projects.

Finally, it should be noted that people interested in participating in this contest can get more information via email cooperació, as well as in person at the headquarters of the Department of Social Policies and Equality, which is located at Paseo Independencia number 47 in Huelva.

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