March 30, 2023

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The senator for the PSOE of Huelva, Pepa González Bayo, has indicated that her formation will take to the streets next Saturday, March 25, to join the demonstration called in all the Andalusian capitals to protest the alarming deterioration of health public.

A demonstration that in the Huelva capital will take place at 12:00 from the Federico Molina Avenue to the territorial Health Delegation.

Junta de Andalucía.  Education

The Huelva senator has indicated that “the Socialist Party is very clear that it is going to fight and that it is going to take to the streets against the policies of the Popular Party, because the future in all the autonomous communities where it governs is to privatize health”.

That is why he has warned that “already in Andalusia, the Government of the PP of Moreno Bonilla is privatizing all the health services that we Huelva use and we cannot consent to that.”

Along these lines, Pepa González Bayo has asserted that “at this time, we have very low-quality healthcare” and as mayoress and citizen of Cartaya, she has assured that “cartayeros and cartayeras refuse to go to the Virgen Bella de Lepe private hospital because of the poor health care we are receiving.”

A hospital center that does not have a portfolio of services or adequate benefits to care for patients, despite receiving 40 million euros per year from the Junta de Andalucía, with that agreement signed for five years, which amounts to a total amount of 200 million euros, while they forget about the Chare de Lepe, our public hospitals, our health centers, our public health professionals and our public health infrastructures.

A demonstration for Public Health

For this reason, “this March 25 we go out again and we join these concentrations for the disastrous health care we are receiving and because we demand quality and universal public health. We are not going to stop until we achieve our goal, which is quality public healthcare for everyone”, he concluded.

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