March 21, 2023

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the table of Parliament of Andalusia met this Thursday in Lepe in a session held in the San Cristóbal Chapel of the municipality, where various administrative issues have been discussed, in addition to approving the start of the Digital Transformation Plan of the Chamber and the reform of the Protocol of Prevention and action in cases of harassment.

With this new meeting, it is the second time that the governing body of the Andalusian Chamber moves away from the headquarters of the old Hospital de las Cinco Llagas in Seville in this XII Legislature.

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President, jesus aguirrehas indicated that “the objective of transferring the meeting of the governing body of Parliament to the provinces is to bring the day-to-day life of the Chamber closer to the municipalities and value the work of the deputies”, to which he added that “All the town councils will find in us some more allies to support their work and be able to fulfill the projects to which they aspire”.

After the reception at the City Hall by the mayor of Lepe, Juan Manuel González, and the municipal corporation to the members of the Table, the president of the Parliament has signed in the Book of Honor of the consistory before beginning the meeting of the Table .

Specifically, the Bureau has addressed the start of the Digital Transformation Plan that Parliament will develop over the next five years. “A plan that ranges from the computerization of the administration to the modification in the organization of those Chamber services that make use of new technologies in order to improve the service to users. Among its main lines is the reduction of paper consumption, maintaining both the quality of the processes and the regulations”.

According to the president, “all these modifications must translate into a more modern, efficient, sustainable, open and transparent Parliament.” For this process, a Digital Transformation Committee was already established last November, which has begun with the initial work of this initiative to coordinate and prioritize actions and resources.

Reform of the protocol in cases of harassment, matter of the Bureau of Parliament

On the other hand, the Parliamentary Bureau has dealt with the reform of the Prevention and Action Protocol in cases of workplace, sexual or gender-based harassment that is applied in Parliament.

This modification of a protocol approved in March 2021, extends the protection of workers against various forms of harassment such as those related to sexual orientation, cyberbullying or motivated by personal issues (such as pregnancy, assumption of family care, etc.) , in addition to increasing the guarantees of protection for workers with the creation of an Internal Investigation Commission. “With this reform we preserve the impartiality of any process that might arise, as well as the safety of the workers themselves,” Aguirre pointed out.

In addition, the Board of Parliament has also dealt with administrative matters related to the operation of the Chamber; qualifications and, where appropriate, admission to processing of non-law proposals for subsequent debate in committee.

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