March 31, 2023

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The controversy over the Nerva landfill continues. The company Design of Environmental Solutions, DSM, has received the agreement to initiate a disciplinary proceeding for allegedly exceeding the tons authorized in its Integrated Environmental Authorization for the non-hazardous waste vessels from the security deposit that it operates in Nerva. The company announces that it will formally oppose the initiation of the file since it is based on an external technical report carried out with an inappropriate and imprecise method and which yields results that are impossible to achieve for a deposit of this type.

Hazardous waste vessels are not affected by this measure and the company will continue to provide service to its industrial customers.

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Technical report “not appropriate” in the landfill

DSM has contacted companies in the sector both in Spain and in Europe who state that the technique used is not suitable for determining densities in this type of facility and when the time comes it will show that it is not used because it is obsolete, gives inaccurate results and is not subject to no type of accreditation from organizations such as ENAC, there being more appropriate techniques for the detection of densities.

The result obtained, on which the sanctioning procedure initiated is based, shows an unattainable density in a non-hazardous industrial waste deposit, very far from reality and the densities that the sector has, which coincide with those reported by DSM during the years of vessel activity.

In addition, DSM wonders why, considering that the result obtained is unattainable in the sector and given the seriousness of the decision to be made and its implications for industry and employment, the administration has validated and has not contrasted the results obtained by the contracted external company, a small local company, with other reports from companies of recognized prestige, sufficiently accredited, that use more appropriate measurement systems.

Outstanding Capacity and Safety

DSM annually reports the resulting densities obtained from all the materials deposited, the volumes occupied and the tons managed, which are the requirements established by current legislation, specifically Royal Decree 646/2020, which regulates the disposal of waste by deposit. in landfills. In this sense, the company informs that to date, out of an authorized capacity of 5,084,847 M3, it has 3,479,675 M3 occupied, therefore it has an authorized capacity pending exploitation of 1,605,172 M3, with its equivalent in tons according to its Integrated Environmental Authorization approved since 2008.

On the other hand, DSM considers the insinuations about the safety of the installation to be unfounded, which have not been based on any technical study or on any objective fact. The Company ensures that the stability of the installation is within safety factors according to the reference parameters for this type of installation and has been evaluated by independent technical reports from companies of recognized prestige. Therefore, it completely denies that there may be risks in this regard for the safety of the facilities and much less for that of the workers.

Legal measures

DSM will take all the legal measures at its disposal to prove that it has been managing the installation complying with all the required conditions, and therefore the inadmissibility of the sanction, demanding the depuration of responsibilities and the replacement of the patrimonial and reputational damage that is being caused. .

About DSM

Diseño de Soluciones Medioambientales, DSM, is a leading Andalusian company in the comprehensive management of industrial waste, soil decontamination, solvent recovery and industrial dismantling. It has a professional staff of 230 workers and more than two decades of experience managing waste and designing the best environmental solutions for its clients.

In addition to the Nerva landfill, DSM has more than 15 waste management centers in Spain, during the year 2022 it treated half a million tons of waste and provided service to more than 1,000 industrial clients.

According to DSM, the landfill is key to the industrial fabric of Andalusia. Its facility in Nerva is the only one capable of housing the management of hazardous waste that does not have alternative treatments to deposit. Almost 70% of the waste treated at the facility comes from Andalusian companies. In this sense, DSM provides a global solution to the needs of the industries with which it operates, including the most important in the metallurgical, refining and industrial chemical sectors.

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