June 5, 2023

The death of 13-year-old schoolgirl Vasilisa shocked St. Petersburg May 3rd The girl left home on Sunday, an active search began the next day. The Investigative Committee has already distributed a video from the place where the girl’s body was buried. The alleged killer himself showed me where to look. On the footage – law enforcement officers in the night in the rain discard damp clods of earth, then they show only the murder weapon – an ordinary hammer, on the handle of which there is a little scarlet blood.

This murder shocked not only ordinary residents of the city, but also investigators accustomed to manifestations of human cruelty. Especially when they listened to the testimony of a detained 16-year-old named Ilya, who admitted on camera that he was a sociopath and never loved anyone. Approximately the same, but more eloquently, he described in his tiny telegram channel, through which the operatives found the student. The young man calmly told how he dug a hole in Pargolovo in advance, and invited the 13-year-old gullible Vasilisa to the forest for an interview. He took his former classmate Anfisa with him, she filmed everything on camera. Ilya beat the victim with a hammer, after which the friends buried the body and went home, continuing to live their normal lives. So, for example, Anfisa was seen at school, she did not miss classes in recent days.

“Fontanka” got acquainted with the materials of the interrogation of Ilya. A 16-year-old teenager told how he killed with a smile on his face.

“Honest, cool. We invited Vasya to a picnic and an overnight stay. Allegedly. In fact, we went to a pre-prepared place where we dug a hole for the body,” says Ilya.

– She threw money allegedly for food. When she arrived, Anfisa distracted her, and I killed her. From the back.

– How?

– Hammer.

– Where’s the hammer?

They also buried it along with the body.

Where is Anfisa?

– Anfisa at home.

scary video

Then Ilya said that he copied the video that was on the camera onto a computer. And he asked for water. Fontanka knows what’s in this video. And he knows for sure that the general public does not need to see this. The footage is monstrous. An unsuspecting girl answers questions, she is filmed by a camera. Suddenly, Ilya takes out a hammer and begins to strike on the head from behind. “Fontanka” counted 20 hits. Death came within seconds. Vasilisa did not even have time to throw up her hands to defend herself.

He explained his act as an attempt to prove to himself his greatness. After he wanted to commit suicide, but killing himself turned out to be much more difficult than killing another person. Ilya learned this lesson well. Tomorrow he will choose a measure of restraint. He probably has many hours of communication with psychiatrists ahead of him, who will have to solve his riddle. After all, the most terrible thing about this murder, in addition to the loss of human life, is that both Ilya and Anfisa are the most ordinary, at first glance, teenagers. The shock that their teachers are in is difficult to describe in words, no one could have thought that these children, who did not hooligan, studied well and did not raise any questions, are capable of such atrocity. And the murdered Vasilisa, taking leave on that fateful day to the “master class” – she was also an ordinary child.

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