June 5, 2023

In Petersburg determined 90 the best catering establishments according to 2GIS users (based on preferences 3.2 million users in the last year). Winners “Prizes 2GIS 2022 received prizes – figurines and marks of Excellence V geoservice.

As part of the award, the company processed data from more than 10,000 catering establishments in St. Petersburg. The winners were 17 cafes, 16 coffee shops, 9 restaurants, 18 street food outlets, 13 pastry shops, 9 bars, 2 food malls and 6 wine shops.

According to 2GIS users, the best establishments were determined in the Admiralteysky, Vasileostrovskiy, Vyborgsky, Kalininsky, Moskovsky, Petrogradsky, Primorsky, Central and Nevsky districts, and the rest of the nominations – in each district of the city. The geoservice algorithm calculated which establishments over the past year residents and guests of the Northern capital most often searched for on the map and in the directory. The formula for success took into account calls and messages in instant messengers, routes, photos. Reviews turned out to be very important in the assessment, and expert reviews had the greatest influence on the result – from authors who write a lot about public catering.

The winners were marked with a special sign on 2GIS maps. Already in the first weeks after the award, the number of openings of the winner’s card increased by an average of 51%, and the number of calls from the service – by 15%.

The 2GIS award is intended to reward the best companies in the city. And in 2022, we went further – we chose the most popular establishments in the districts, – says the head of B2B marketing at 2GIS Alexandra Heydek. — We wanted to draw attention to interesting companies and support their desire to create cool places and develop them. And, judging by the increased interest in the winners, we succeeded.”

To find the winners, just enter in the application “2GIS Prize” or press the project button on the start screen. You can do this on all platforms, including iOS (April 22, the official 2GIS app returned to the App Store and in the very first days it reached the top among the free ones in the “Navigation” section). Hints will allow you to find among the awarded establishments of a certain format – for example, only restaurants or coffee shops. In addition, you can see the winners using the filter in the catering search results in 2GIS.

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