March 29, 2023

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The Puebla de Guzmán City Council has presented today the XV Livestock Fair to be held on March 31, April 1 and 2, 2023. Market of Carmen de Huelva This morning hosted the presentation of the sample that, in the words of the mayor of Puebla, Antonio Beltrán, aims to “reinforce the identity and make visible all the Andévalo products. In addition, the objective is to train and inform about issues of interest to extensive cattle farming in Andévalo, and by extension of the province and Andalusia. The world of horse riding and the hunting sector also have a very important role”.

A Livestock Fair dedicated to the Andévalo pasture and to the ranchers themselves, because “it must be a vindictive fair because we claim the possibility of continuing to subsist and a generational change that gives the sector a future, which must be supported by all administrations”, has Beltrán affected.

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In the course of the livestock fair, the products of the pasture will be announced, focusing especially on the sheep and horse riding sector. In addition, there will be a representation of goat and cattle farming. The exhibition will have as a preamble two technical conferences dedicated to gastronomy and extensive livestock.

The 15th edition of the Puebla de Guzmán Livestock Fair has an intense schedule. It begins on March 30 with the technical conferences ‘Present and future of extensive livestock farming’, with the aim of informing and training the sector with a series of presentations on current issues and in situ observation in the field.

The official inauguration will be on Friday, March 31 at 1:00 p.m. at the fairgrounds, to give way to several tastings of organic lamb and ‘beans with lamb chorizo’, by Antonio Ramón Macías from ‘El Cerrojo Tapas’, from Alosno. Another of the attractions of this livestock fair, in addition to the 50 stands, is the tourist ride in a horse-drawn carriage through the points of interest in the municipality. All the programming can be consulted in the town hall website.

The president of Ovipor SCA, Agustín González, has indicated that “these are difficult times for the livestock sector, and for this reason we appreciate the work of the Puebla de Guzmán City Council, and all the municipalities of Beturia, for enhancing the livestock sector. Thanks to the City Council for consolidating this Fair that has become a benchmark for the entire sector both in the province and outside of it”.

For his part, the vice president of the Beturia Mancomunidad, José Alberto Macarro, pointed out that the entity continues to work for livestock and agriculture in the region and, in this sense, stressed that the institutions have to work “in coordination with the sector. Beturia continues to work on ‘uncovering the Andévalo’ and this cattle fair is a great example of this”.

The deputy and spokesman for the Provincial Council, Salvador Gómez, has stressed that thanks to initiatives such as this livestock fair “the region gains strength and spreads its heritage and work in the sector, a leading sector in our province and the work of our farmers” .

Livestock Fair Promotion

Gómez has highlighted the work that the Provincial Council is doing to promote this region in areas such as the demographic challenge or the use of endogenous resources and support for local businesses and businessmen in the region; and that “the work of the Puebla de Guzmán City Council brings work, wealth, innovation and benefits to all its neighbors throughout the year.”

Finally, the Councilor for Commerce and Markets of the Huelva City Council, Tania González, stressed that the Mercado del Carmen is also being valued thanks to the initiative of presenting this consolidated fair in our capital. It is a pleasure for us to be able to host this presentation and support initiatives that bring wealth to the territories”.

After the presentation by the authorities, there has been a free tasting of various organic lambs roasted ‘in situ’, as well as cold cuts and local sausages accompanied by local wine.

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