May 28, 2023

The Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation Konstantin Chuichenko said that he considers it right to send the person involved in the case of burning the Koran to a colony in one of the Muslim regions. Writes about this on May 21 TASS.

“This will promote respect for religion and the religious feelings of believers in our multinational and multi-confessional country,” said the head of the Ministry of Justice.

In insulting the feelings of believers (Part 2 of Article 148 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) 19-year-old Nikita Zhuravel is suspected. According to the UK, the guy burned the Koran at the Cathedral Mosque in Volgograd. According to the department, the young man confessed: he did it at the direction of the Ukrainian special services, and in addition, he filmed military installations on video.

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