June 4, 2023
Photo: courtesy of Fontanka reader Olga

The role of Tom Hanks from the movie “Terminal” is forced to try on a family from Barnaul. Inspired by the views of St. Petersburg, they expected to see a different movie, but lost their documents.

On May 11, Olga spoke about the St. Petersburg drama Fontanka. She arrived in the city on the Neva with her husband at the beginning of the month. I dreamed of since childhood, but the first acquaintance did not work out. The impression of postcard views turned out to be spoiled before parting and frustrated further plans.

From St. Petersburg, the couple expected to leave for Moscow, from there – to Minsk. They were preparing to go to Belarus with their daughter, an actress. After working with Yulia Peresild in the film “Challenge” and the role in the dramedy “Tin Head” directed by Ivan Kapitonov, she was assigned new shootings, her parents wanted to help and support.

Misadventures began on the way to the Moscow railway station on the night of May 7th. At the Nevsky Prospekt metro station, leaving the car, Olga grabbed a bag that hung on a strap over her shoulder. She remembers that she didn’t take pictures on the train, but paid more attention to her suitcases. I didn’t look closely at the passengers – there weren’t many of them on the night metro, it seemed that one could be distracted by correspondence.

In the bag are her and her husband’s passports, insurance, SNILS, bank cards and about 60 thousand rubles in cash. They were prepared for exchange during their stay in Belarus.

“I turned to the duty officer in the subway. He says I can’t do anything, go to Kupchino, maybe your bag is there, ”says Olga.

At the end they were disappointed: they did not find anything forgotten on the trains. To the question “What to do?” threw an emotionless “I don’t know.” It was not possible to find police officers in the subway. In a single service, “112” was sent to the nearest department to write a statement.

According to Olga, they reported the theft and were left in a complete misunderstanding of how to live on. The train left without them, they managed to get to Moscow by BlaBlaCar. A relative transferred money for the trip to the spouse’s card.

An attempt to restore the documents and still get to Minsk got bogged down in bureaucracy. The local MFC demanded a decision to initiate proceedings or refuse.

“They said that they cannot issue a passport without a decision. I learn about the resolution – they say that they can send it only by mail to Barnaul within 10 – 30 days. And here we are without money and documents in a foreign city, ”says Olga.

The missing bag also contained headphones, the geolocation of which suggested that for six hours they seemed to be at the Sennaya Ploshchad station. Then the address changed by one letter – from 2a to 2d.

“I called the department and talked about it. She offered to send a photo of the bag. In response: we will pass everything on, they will call you back. Nobody ever called. She persuaded me to look at the cameras – they are everywhere, five stations in total. They said: they say, the passenger traffic is two million, there is no possibility. From the department sent to the office. You can’t get through to them by phone, they only take them face-to-face on Tuesdays. In response to my statement that a passport is issued within five working days (this is stated in the State Services – Approx. Ed.), They asked “Where did you read this?”, The woman shares her ordeals.

Temporary licenses were not denied. With them, it is possible to return to Barnaul within ten days, but, having left for thousands of kilometers, the family still expects to continue the journey. They say that the Moscow police turned out to be more sociable than the St. Petersburg ones, but even there they did not suggest how to solve the issue of restoring documents without loss.

Tatyana Tsipushtanova, Fontanka.ru

Photo: courtesy of Fontanka reader Olga

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