March 21, 2023

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The music that has marked the lives of as many people as viewers have on the big screen arrives this Friday at the Ibero-American Forum of La Rábida with ‘movie songs‘, a concert that reviews some of the most beautiful and unforgettable songs that the seventh art has given and that are part of the collective musical imagination.

Guillermo Orozco and Antonio Reyes, both singers of different musical styles, come together on stage to perform a varied selection of songs from movie soundtracks. Songs that throughout the history of cinema They have brought rhythm and emotion to their plots and have enriched several generations of viewers with their timeless lyrics and melodies.

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From La Misión or Cinema Paradiso to the great Hollywood musicals such as Singing under the rain o New York, New York, the singers and musicians will offer a journey through the more than one hundred years of films that the film industry has produced, with themes that go back to the 1930s, such as ‘Over the Rainbow’, by El Wizard of Oz, to others from films much closer to our days, such as ‘Remember Me’ by Coco.

Guillermo Orozco and Antonio Reyes will be accompanied by excellent musicians, and in turn, members of the musical group Ángel Andrés Muñoz Trío. An essential appointment for the most music-loving public starting at 9:00 p.m. in Las Tardes del Foro, the cycle of musical performances organized by the provincial institution, which are held once a month with free admission.

‘Cinema songs’ program

• “Nella Fantasy” THE MISSION, 1986 (Ennio Morricone and Chiara Ferrau)

• “For a head” TANGO BAR, 1935 (Carlos Gardel and Alfredo Lepera)

• “Moon River” BREAKFAST WITH DIAMONDS, 1961 (Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer)

• “Where Do I Begin” LOVE STORY, 1970 (Francis Lai and Carl Sigman)

• “Have You Really Loved a Woman?” DON JUAN DEMARCO, 1995 (Bryan Adams and M. Kamen)

• “Remember Me” COCO, 2017 (Kristen Anderson and Robert López)

• “Se” CINEMA PARADISO, 1988 (Ennio Morricone and Andrea Morricone)

• “The Blue Star” PINOCCHIO, 1940 (Leigh Harline and Ned Washington)

• “My Mancherai” THE POSTMAN, 1994 (Luis E. Bacalov and M. Marinangeli)

• “Eternally” CANDILEJAS, 1952 (Charles Chaplin)

• “Singing in the Rain” SINGING IN THE RAIN, 1952 (Nacho Herb Brown and Arthur Freed)

• “As Time Goes By” CASABLANCA, 1942 (Herman Hupfeld)

• “Don’t Let the Old Man in” MULA, 2018 (Toby Keith)

• “Over the Rainbow” The WIZARD OF OZ, 1939 (Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg)

• “New York, New York” NEW YORK, NEW YORK, 1977 (John Kander and Fred Ebb)

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