March 31, 2023

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The president of the International Association for the collaboration between Ports and Cities (RETE), Teofila Martineztoday highlighted the enormous possibilities of revolutionizing the city of Huelva presented by the special Port-City integration plan being developed by the Port of Huelva, for which “we need to generate confidence among investors and go hand in hand with all administrations together social and economic agents so that powerful actors come to Huelva to invest”.

The former mayoress of Cádiz and current president of the Port of the Bay of Cádiz, explained in the Dialogando forum held in the Cocheras del Portbefore port technicians, institutional representatives and civil society from Huelva, that it is essential that the integration that is going to be carried out in Huelva “is very well measured and that no one comes to change it in two or three years, but that there is a basic scheme Port-City integration that is port but also cultural, social and economic”.

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In this sense, the president of the Huelva Port Authority, Pilar Miranda, recalled that the restoration of the Levante Dock “will change the image of Huelva in the world, as a huge space with a cruise terminal, a Museum of America, a sports marina, a large esplanade with underground parking and an underground lane through which road traffic circulates”.

Miranda said she was “proud and delighted to be able to learn from a port president who has been one of the most voted mayors in Spain for 20 years”, and stressed that it is vital “that companies come to this project in Huelva because that is how wealth will be generated , employment, opportunities, leisure areas, culture and sports, so that Huelva will be able to take advantage of all the wealth of its port front”.

Teófila Martínez has attended the appointment of ‘Dialogando’ to show the work carried out by RETE at an international levelas a non-profit association with the aim of promoting and facilitating dialogue and coexistence between ports and cities, in order to improve port activities and the quality of life of port cities and their territorial, economic, social or cultural.

In this regard, Teófila Martínez appreciated that “Huelva is an important example that we use in the requests that are made to us from Argentina, Uruguay or Paraguay as integration solutions, especially for their river cities in the southern cone,” said the president of RETE, an entity A benchmark in the international port system with 22 years of existence and great growth in Europe and Latin America, which has experts from various countries who analyze integration models around the world.

Teófila Martínez at the Dialogue Forum

Teófila Martínez and examples of connection with Cádiz

Teófila Martínez cited some ports and its cities as examples of integration for Huelva: “In Bilbao there was a complexity similar to or greater than that of Huelva, because there was also heavy industry, but now the citizens enjoy its two margins, while here it will be possible to enjoy having a Natural Park in front of you”.

In the same way, Teófila Martínez mentioned Malaga as another model of success “which still has to solve some aspects but whose Pier 1 is going to look a bit like what will be the Levante Pier, with the advantage that in Huelva Very important elements have already been built, such as the Paseo de la Ría or the new Francisco Montenegro avenue, so the next four years will be fundamental for the development of all this integration and its revitalizing elements of life”.

As a renowned politician with a long history, especially in Cádiz where she was mayor, as well as president of the Andalusian PP, Andalusian parliamentarian, congressional deputy and senator, the presence of Teófila Martínez aroused interest regarding her opinion on the Huelva-Cádiz maritime or land connections . Teófila Martínez assured that “it is not a utopia that in the medium term there would be fast catamarans linking both provinces and, just as there were some first Cádiz-Rota catamarans, although perhaps at first they would have a tourist focus until they became a means of transport with ordinary and permanent services”.

Those attending the forum also questioned him about the possibility of linking both provinces by road, and the president of RETE considered that “it is true that it is taking a long time to build the new SE-40 bridge but, once it can be counted

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