May 28, 2023

The court may toughen the measure of restraint for blogger Elena Blinovskaya, who was previously placed under house arrest and banned from using the Internet in the case of tax evasion. Can fail marathons that do not stop.

Source TASS He said that today on the Web, allegedly from the curators of Blinovskaya, there were calls to participate in her new marathons. If it is found that she violated the prohibitions, law enforcement officers can apply for a change in the measure and house arrest for detention.

Lawyer Sergei Zhorin notes that in such cases everything depends on evidence that the publications were not made by the accused, as well as on the position of the investigation and “how much the judge wants to understand this.”

At the same time, the court can interrogate the curators of the marathons and verify the ownership of the accounts, and then decide to tighten the measure, since Blinovskaya was supposed to block access to official pages on social networks.

“Fontanka” wrotethat in the evening of the same day, as it became known about the detention of Blinovskaya, a story appeared in her account with a promise to “tell everything” for a thousand rubles. Literally two hours later, the page with the details was blocked.

Presnensky District Court April 28 sent the blogger under house arrest off the Internet. A criminal case was initiated against her under two articles – “tax evasion by an individual” and “legalization and money laundering on an especially large scale”. According to the investigation, Blinovskaya did not bring almost a billion rubles to the treasury.

Creator of personal growth courses known with his Marathon of Desires. The bottom line is that if you really want to, you can fulfill any dream. The main thing is to guess and formulate correctly. Blinovskaya claims that after her marathon, many change their lives. For those who were not helped by either energized voice messages or a request to the Universe, she is said to have answered briefly: they wished wrong.

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