March 29, 2023

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Saturday night of Lent the one that has been lived in the patio of the house the Royal Brotherhood of Emigrants of Our Lady of Rocío de Huelva with the ‘I Concert by Brother María del Rocío’ offered by the oldest band from Huelva, the Agrupación Musical Santísimo Cristo del Amor, which was founded in 1979 within the Brotherhood of the Holy Supper.

Manuel Gómez González ‘Carnicerito’ has been in charge of presenting this extraordinary and successful concert, where he has pointed out that the group “has its own style that distinguishes this band among others, thanks to the exclusive reharmonization of all its marches to give it a stamp In particular, in addition to having its own repertoire of more than 50 marches, many of them collected throughout their recording works, in which the musical evolution of the band, its diversity of marches and its different styles can be appreciated”.

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Throughout these years, this group has carried out important brotherhood events, such as the one held in the temple of the Brotherhood of the Gypsies in Seville or at the foot of the Virgen del Rocío, the cathedral of Cádiz, Torre del Oro in Seville or the mosque of Cordova.

This Holy Week will accompany the following brotherhoods: on Passion Saturday, Guillena’s Brotherhood of Hope; Palm Sunday, Brotherhood of the Holy Supper of Huelva; Holy Tuesday, Huelva Health Brotherhood; Holy Wednesday, Brotherhood of the Captive of Almonte; Holy Thursday, Brotherhood of Belén de Pilas; Good Friday, Brotherhood of the Faith of Huelva and Easter Sunday, Brotherhood of Soledad de Huévar del Aljarafe.

At last night’s concert, where the older brothers of Cena were present, José Ivars; from La Lanzada, Juan Romero; and members of the Emigrantes governing board, headed by its president, José Francisco Garrido; the group has offered a repertoire made up of the following compositions: ‘La última cena’, by David Macías Gómez; ‘Memory of the Polvorín’, by Álvaro Cruz Pérez’; ‘Before Sorrows, Hope’, by Francisco González Téllez; ‘From the bell tower’, by Francisco González Téllez; and ‘Rocío, Pastora y Reina’, by Mario García Borrero.

Likewise, the cantaora Gema Martín has offered a sample of her art, which she began at a very early age, at the age of six, singing in these years to countless brotherhoods such as Victoria, El Nazareno, La Sentencia, and a long etc. The saetera with her immense voice flooded the patio with her sung prayer and full of ‘quejío’ on an extraordinary night of Lent.

After the end of the concert, the president of Emigrantes, José Francisco Garrido, thanked everyone for the success achieved in this ‘I Concierto Cofrade María del Rocío’, presenting, together with the older sister Cristina ¨Serrat, a memory of Manuel Gómez ‘Carnicerito’, to the saetera Gema Martín and to the director of the Santísimo Cristo del Amor Musical Group, Rubén González, of a medal that was pinned to the group’s pennant.

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