March 31, 2023

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Sporting Huelva-Levante UD. (Tenor)

He Sporting Huelva He still does not raise his head and against a great team, the Lift UDadded its eighth consecutive defeat that continues to bring it dangerously close to the relegation zone and that it only remains out of it thanks to the fact that Alhama, Alavés and Betis have not scored either and therefore still maintains a minimum income of two points with the danger zone although it continues with a very bad game dynamics and results.

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Sporting Huelva-Levante UD. (Tenor)

The game had no history, since after a quarter of an hour it had ended after goals by Mayra Ramírez in minute 15 and Erika in minute 22 and there could well have been a few more if not for Chelsea, who celebrated their 100th game with the Huelva shirt. In the second part and already in the final stretch, in 85, Alba Redondo finished off the Valencian rout. Highlight the debut of the quarry Eva Cintado at Sporting.

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Data sheet:

SPORTING HUELVA: Chelsea, Santana (Bárbara m.46), Simonsson, ADT (Ágústsdóttir m.46), María Ruiz, Hagman, Ballesté, Castelló, Blasco, Paula (Hmírová m.46) and Balcerzak (Ana Carol m.68)

Levante UD: Tarazona, Mendoza, Méndez, Fernández, Mayra, Andonova, Tatiana (Carol, m.75), Baños, Estela (Paula m. 66), Alharilla and Érika (Redondo m.75).

Referee: Espinosa Ríos (Madrid). Yellow cards for Balcerzak Blasco.

Goals: 0-1. Mayra (m.15); 0-2. Erika (m.22); 0-3. Round (m.85).

Lamiya field.

Results and classification:

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