March 30, 2023

The Prime Minister of the country announced the transfer of the MiG-29 Eduard Heger on Twitter.

“The Slovak government has just approved sending 13 MiG-29s to Ukraine! Promises must be kept, and when President Volodymyr Zelensky asked for more weapons, including fighter jets, I said we would do our best. Glad others are doing the same. Military assistance is the key so that Ukraine can protect itself and all of Europe from Russia,” Heger wrote.

In addition, according to the Slovak edition Terazthe Slovak government approved the transfer of 2K12 Kub anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine.

“Slovakia donates (…) parts of the air defense system, the corresponding spare parts, as well as ammunition for this system,” said Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nagy.

According to him, the process of transferring weapons will last several weeks, negotiations are underway with Ukraine and allies. While anti-aircraft systems are in Slovakia.

“We will not announce the transfer in advance through operational security,” the defense secretary said.

Launcher SAM “Cube” of the Armed Forces of Slovakia.

2K12 “Cube” – This is a Soviet medium-range anti-aircraft missile system developed by the OKB-15 design bureau. The complex was produced in the Soviet Union from 1967 to 1983.

The technical characteristics of the Kub air defense system ensured the detection of air targets at ranges up to 65 km and their shelling at distances from 4.5 to 23.5 km and in the altitude range up to 14,000 meters. The main targets for the Kub air defense system were aircraft and cruise missiles with speeds up to 600 m / s (on a collision course).

The anti-aircraft missile system includes a self-propelled reconnaissance and guidance unit, a command post and 4 self-propelled launchers. Each launcher has three 3M9 anti-aircraft guided missiles.


On February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” in the occupied Donbas. Russia launched missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine and launched a direct full-scale invasion in four directions. The armed forces of Ukraine are rebuffing the enemy, the blitzkrieg plan – to capture Kyiv in two or three days – failed, the Russian army retreated from the capital. The Russian military commits thousands of war crimes and crimes against humanity throughout Ukraine.

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