May 28, 2023

The police are investigating the circumstances of the armed fight that took place in the Kirovsky district of St. Petersburg. Relations were sorted out in the front door, it became known to Fontanka on May 11.

A local resident complained to the service “112” about the noise of the fight at 186 Stachek Avenue at the beginning of the eighth o’clock in the evening. In addition to the fight, he heard a sound similar to a shot and was not mistaken.

Emergency services arrived at the scene and found a 25-year-old victim in a nine-story building who did not find a common language with a stranger on the fifth floor. The communication turned out to be so furious that he was taken to the hospital with a closed craniocerebral injury, bruises and a non-penetrating wound to the chest, presumably from a traumatic pistol.

The young man lives in Yuntolovo. SPARK knows him as a sole proprietor and CEO of a shipping company that has questions.

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