March 31, 2023

On the consequences of issuing an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin by the International Criminal Court writes on Facebook Sergey Petukhovlecturer at the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, ex-Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine.

1. Putin is deprived of immunity as head of state.

The International Criminal Court “declassed” Putin and now he does not have immunity from criminal prosecution, which all other presidents of countries have.

2. Putin will not be able to travel to most countries in the world.

123 states are parties to the Rome Charter and are required to arrest Putin if he appears on their territory.

These are not only Western states, but also many states that are traditionally loyal to Russia or have taken a neutral position. For example, it is not clear how Putin will now go to the BRICS summits, because both Brazil and South Africa should arrest him and send him to The Hague.

3. The ICC prosecutor broke the Russian propaganda narrative about the voluntary relocation of Ukrainians to Russia.

No matter how much Russian TV broadcasts stories about joyful Mariupol children who found new Russian families, the UN independent commission, and now the ICC prosecutor, have indicated that Russia is forcibly taking the children and moving them to its territory, which is a war crime.

4. The West will not agree to a “peace agreement” with the criminal.

Russia keeps hoping to undermine the international coalition of support for Ukraine so that Western partners will force us to come to terms with the loss of territory. And individual voices in the Western world are already beginning to demand to go to “negotiations” with Putin and “stop shooting.” The ICC warrant makes that option impossible. There can be no peace agreement with a war criminal.

5. The return of Russia to the civilized world is possible only after punishment for the war crimes committed.

The options for a “quick” lifting of sanctions and a return to business as usual are very attractive for those who are used to making money on trade with Russia. But “sweep under the carpet” all the bullying of the Ukrainians for the sake of a quick restoration of the gesheft will definitely not work now.

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