June 5, 2023

Tiny ducklings were unable to climb over the curb on the Karpovka embankment and follow their mother duck. On Tuesday, May 16, eyewitnesses came to the aid of the birds. It was not easy at all – the kids ran very fast along the roadway. Reader Alexander shared a video of the rescue process with Fontanka.

Fontanka reader

The Mallard crossed the road from the Botanical Garden to Karpovka with their chicks. According to the man, he first began to shoot ducklings on video, and then realized that they needed help – ducklings on the roadway, and cars drive around.

“We tried to catch them for about seven minutes. They caught them from under cars – from everywhere. They ran actively because they were afraid of people. <...> We saw that the duck climbed in, but the ducklings remained, ”he said.

Alexander assured that after the “operation” all the ducklings with their mother-duck swam along Karpovka. “I was so worried that I forgot to take a picture of the result of my work!” – the man complained that he did not take a photo of the tiny ducklings swimming away.

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