June 5, 2023

In the summer we spend more time outdoors, many go on vacation. At the same time, skin and hair are more often exposed to fresh air, under the sun, and sometimes in water – salty or fresh. Whether it is necessary to prepare for the summer season and how to ensure a radiant appearance – we will discuss at the round table.

Issues for discussion:

– The main challenges for the skin and hair in the spring-summer season.

– Which procedures should be completed in the spring, and which ones can be carried out in the summer?

— What medical equipment is used for such procedures?

– What procedures should not be performed on the eve of a vacation and why?

– Can a tan be healthy or is it better to maintain an aristocratic pallor of the face? Should I pre-fake a tan to look good on the beach? What are modern solariums and are they in demand?

– Features of skin and hair care in the summer season? Is it possible to refuse something or, on the contrary, should something be added?

– Novelties in cosmetology – what is relevant today.

Cosmetologists, heads of aesthetic medicine clinics, manufacturers of professional cosmetics and equipment are invited to participate.

Based on the results of the round table, publication is planned on the Doctor Peter website with an announcement on Fontanka.ru.

For participation, please contact:

Irina Egorova, tel. 8–951–640–88–72, egorova@fontanka.ru

Action plan

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