June 5, 2023

We invite you to discuss the following questions at the round table:

  • For which building materials prices have changed the most – what has risen in price especially? What is cheaper and by how much? Where did this rollback almost fail to occur, and why?
  • What factors today determine the cost of various building materials, what does it consist of? How did the sanctions affect the price?
  • What building materials are in the highest demand today, who provides it and under what conditions? Is this enough for the market to fulfill plans for construction volumes?
  • How did the situation last year affect the market with sanctions, currency and logistics restrictions? What materials are currently in short supply, where there is a shortage, subsidence, supply difficulties?
  • Import substitution – for which positions is our market completely independent of imports, and where has it not yet been possible to find a replacement?
  • What to do with the volumes of products that were produced in our country for export? Where did such productions reorient?
  • What measures are needed to regulate prices for building materials? In which categories is this regulation especially needed?
  • How have the changes already affected the cost of construction and the price of a square meter, and what forecasts can be made for 2023 – how will this market behave?

Prices for building materials began to decline after explosive growth last year. But the decline did not occur in all categories, so taking into account inflation, this rollback is not even noticeable everywhere. NOSTROY, in a joint monitoring with the Ministry of Construction, noted that in March prices began to rise again for positions that occupy the largest share in construction costs in regions with an active construction market. Some developers have offered to fix the prices of especially in-demand materials for some time in order to be able to plan their work. What is happening now with building materials and what will happen next, we will discuss at the round table.

TO Invited to participate: manufacturers and importers of building materials and equipment, construction companies, representatives of professional associations and market experts.

Based on the results of the round table, publication is planned on the Fontanka.ru website

The round table will be held at 12:00 / May 22, 2023

For participation, please contact:

Galina Demidova, +7 (921) 759–38–23, galina@fontanka.ru

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