March 31, 2023

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The Izquierda Unida candidate for mayor of Huelva, Monica Rossiadds to the appeal that numerous social groups and union and political organizations are launching to take thousands of people to the streets of Huelva in defense of public health that the PP of Moreno Bonilla and Pilar Miranda is “selling and deteriorating at a forced march” from the Junta de Andalucía. This demonstration is scheduled to take place on March 25 (Saturday), at 12 noon, on Avenida Federico Molina, near the Hipercor. Demonstrations like this one will take place that same day in all the Andalusian provincial capitals.

Rossi makes the PP of Moreno Bonilla and Pilar Miranda ugly for having the “cynicism” of accusing the Huelva population, “victims of their disastrous health policies” of being responsible for the waiting lists for not going to their appointments and the physicians for not having the MIR degree.

Junta de Andalucía.  Education

“Nothing is further from the truth,” Rossi says, “the long waiting lists are caused by the alarming lack of health personnel” which, according to the Huelva Medical Union, amounts to between 70 and 80 medical positions in health centers from the Huelva province. Rossi explains that “there are many people who give up going to the appointment they have requested because you end up curing yourself without having received any medical attention because the PP is emptying health centers of medical personnel.”

The Huelva mayoral candidate adds that Moreno Bonilla and Pilar Miranda’s plan to privatize and outsource public health care, paying tax money to private clinics so that they can also use public health facilities is “especially cruel and harmful.” » in Huelva, where fundamental health facilities are lacking and those that exist are in «precarious and without sufficient staff», as is the case with the stroke unit of the Juan Ramón Jiménez Hospital.

Rossi reaffirms his “firm and forceful” commitment in defense of public health and encourages the Huelva population to “re-fill the streets so that the PP stops mistreating the people of Huelva” as happened in the recent rally called by the group in defense of public health Onusap, on February 23.

Rossi adds that after the next Municipal Elections “I promise to put the City Council at the service of the population to improve health care, maximizing municipal powers, through the promotion of the Local Health Council, the implementation of the III Local Plan of Health and the transfer of public land for the construction of more primary care centers in the city.

The Provincial Coordinator of Izquierda Unida, Marcos Toti, has also intervened in the press conference in which representatives of the groups and organizing organizations have reported on the demonstration next week, “so that the citizen mobilization serves to repeal the order privatization of the Junta de Andalucía. Toti adds that in Huelva “we are not going to continue allowing us to be the only Andalusian province without any open Chare, without a Maternal and Child Hospital, with the stroke unit at risk of disappearing, and also put us in the hands of private clinics.”

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