June 5, 2023

On the evening of April 26, there was a commotion in Pushkin: residents heard a sound similar to a strong explosion. According to eyewitnesses, in some places buildings even shook.

“My mother is in Slavyanochka gardening, where they were shaking at home. In Gummolasar, a friend’s window opened. We think that this is most likely the Pushkin military airfield, ”an eyewitness told Fontanka on April 26.

In social networks, they write that the sound was also heard in Pavlovsk: “Everyone ran out into the street to look.” There were dozens of reports about the “explosion” in half an hour.

The press service of the administration of the Pushkinsky district of “Fontanka” could not tell what happened. “Fontanka” requested data on the state of emergency from the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

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