March 23, 2023

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Until next March 23, the municipalities and ELA of the province may present their request to acquire copies corresponding to the seasonal plants campaign 2023 that Provincial Council of Huelvathrough the Ornamental Plant Nursery managed by the Agricultural and Livestock Research Service, makes available to these provincial entities.

For this campaign, the Agricultural and Livestock Research Service of the Provincial Council has a total of 17,000 specimens of plants among the 20 varieties of 11 species cultivated in the nursery, which will be used to beautify and tidy up municipal common areas.

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The requests made by the different town councils and ELA will be formalized through the application model that can be downloaded on the website of the Diputación de Huelva. As this campaign is a concerted service of the provincial institution, the municipalities interested in acquiring copies may make their request through the IPH platform.

Among the 12 species that are offered in this campaign, the municipalities will be able to purchase specimens of white Gazania, pink and purple Gitanilla, red Gitanilla, red Salvia, golden Tagete, blue and pink Verbena, among others.

In this campaign, the floors at no cost to the municipalities and ELA. In general, all entities that request this campaign will be assigned a minimum of 150 plants. In the event that the stock of plants on offer is greater than the demand, applicants will be assigned a greater number of plants compared to the established minimum. Plants will be allocated proportionally to the number of inhabitants, as in other campaigns.

The distribution and transport of the plants will be carried out, in general, with the Huelva Provincial Council’s own means to all requesting municipalities with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants who so wish, from March 29 to April 14 and will be arranged in advance, by telephone, with the contact of the request.

For town councils with more than 5,000 inhabitants, it will be arranged by telephone appointment, or in the Concertación assistance request itself with the heads of the requesting entities, and the transfer of the plant will be borne by the town hall itself between March 29 and March 5. of April. The same period will apply to those under 5,000 who want to withdraw in advance of the date established by this Service.

The Provincial Plant Nursery, which is located in the facilities of the old Granja Escuela, maintains a line of municipal advice in order to supply living resources to the different local corporations that may require vegetation for various actions, such as construction of new roads, the creation of parks and gardens, etc., as well as offering local entities that require it an advisory and technical assistance service in gardening, plants, arboriculture and forest management.

This action is aligned with SDG 13 – Climate action- and 15 -Life on land-.

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