May 28, 2023

The press secretary of the President of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, is reminded for the second day that he kissed the hand of singer Alla Pugacheva at the funeral of fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin.

Fuel to the fire blazing in the ultra-patriotic telegram camp was added by the fact that in the Nizhny Novgorod region at that time they were assisting Zakhar Prilepin, who was wounded during the assassination attempt. The writer survived. Its driver, 27-year-old native of Luhansk Alexander Shubin with the call sign “Evil”, died.

These events went in parallel and could not but cause a strong reaction from public figures.

“Does Peskov have a “bottom”? “No, his vileness is bottomless…” ex-Minister of Defense of the DPR spoke sharply and succinctly about them Igor Strelkov (Girkin).

“I don’t know what the hand of this old woman tastes like, but I know for sure that nothing threatens her life in this country. And Zakhar Prilepin is threatened. All of us, brothers and sisters, are threatened. Do you know where I will be tomorrow? I don’t really understand myself. “Road my home” is not a way of life, it is a survival algorithm. Against this background, the arrival of Pugacheva in Moscow is the same UAV that flew to Krasnaya. Can we invite her to the parade on May 9? – the musician, the author of the informal anthem of PMC “Wagner” was indignant Akim Apachev and added. “I’m angry from impotence, but we’ll kill them all anyway!”

The chief editor of Regnum also tried to comprehend two “seemingly unrelated” events Marina Akhmedova. “Yes, yes, we all know about old-fashioned nobility with a lady. But he is the press secretary of the president, whom the whole country is looking at. What did he want to show by kissing the hand of a woman who, together with her husband, supports the army of another country? What is he above all this? Above what? Above the fighters dying on the front line? Higher than people torn apart by Ukrainian shells? Above the people of Russia? she wrote.

“And, it would seem, yes, these events are not connected. But as long as officials kiss the hands of traitors all over the country, the attacks will only increase,” Akhmedova said.

From a mystical angle, a St. Petersburg blogger looked at what happened Pavel Smolyak. “Dmitry Peskov is most likely the angel of death,” he wrote. – This is the only way to explain his coming to the cemetery and kissing the hand of Alla Pugacheva. In place of the people’s artist, I would start to get nervous. Perhaps Annushka has already spilled the oil.

Petersburg lawyer Natalya Shatikhina noted that she does not have hatred or hysteria towards Pugacheva and analyzed in detail what she saw from the point of view of etiquette: chivalry), especially after her several statements, this is extremely unfortunate behavior given the location. If it were a widow, no one would say a word. Kissing a hand in a cemetery is generally a so-so gesture … Kissing a woman’s hand is an expression of admiration for gender, or, especially when sitting, respect from a lower rank.”

“Nothing changes in Russia,” the actress is sure Maria Shukshina. – Doesn’t Peskov’s kissing the hand of that “woman who betrays” resemble the congratulations that were sent in May 1905 to the health center to the Emperor of Japan, in connection with the victory of the Japanese fleet over the Russian at Tsushima? Even if the presidential press secretary believes that we have already lost culture, I do not think so. As well as millions of my compatriots!”

Singer and performer of the hit “Wagner” Vika Tsyganova in the comments on the Starhit post on social networks, she expressed the opinion that “if Alkin were there”, “he (probably meaning Peskov. – Ed.) I would also bend over.” “One field of berries,” she concluded and put a strawberry smiley.

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov has not yet commented on this episode (perhaps he will do so today in the Sunday program), but earlier he reacted emotionally to the return of Pugacheva to Russia.

“I don’t understand why Pugacheva was allowed back. That is, is it all possible? You can carry anything you like about the country, <...> and then they are allowed back? Come on, now show her on TV, give a concert, fall at her feet, meet her with flowers. It made me happy, the nurse has returned! And at this moment, the boys are at the front, ”he said on May 4 on the air of Solovyov Live.

By the way, most readers telegram channel “Fontanki” did not see anything special in Peskov’s gesture. At the time of publication in our survey more than seven thousand users participated. 32% of them decided that the president’s press secretary “is also a person” and has the right to a personal relationship with other persons.

A quarter of respondents said that the prima donna can do anything. A little less (21%) were indignant at Peskov’s behavior and noted that the presidential press secretary should not behave like that. At least in public. 16% of the participants, despite being relatively apolitical, noticed inconsistency in his actions.

6% did not find the answer closest to their opinion among those proposed by Fontanka and wrote it in the comments. “I think it’s love,” is one of the most meaningful of them.

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