May 28, 2023

The military operation on the territory of Ukraine is “very difficult”, but Russia has achieved “certain goals”. Press Secretary of the Russian President interview He told the ATV channel how the CBO is different from the war.

According to Peskov, the difficulties at the front are due to the fact that the operation began as a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but “at that moment it was hard to imagine that NATO members, the United States of America, European countries would first indirectly and then directly intervene.”

Peskov also explained why progress is slow. “Because the Russians don’t wage war. Waging war is a completely different matter, it is the complete destruction of infrastructure, it is the complete destruction of cities. We don’t. We are trying to save infrastructure and we are trying to save human lives,” the Kremlin spokesman said.

He also noted that Russia managed to “pretty beat up the military machine of Ukraine” – demilitarization was one of the goals of the NWO.

He also commented on the situation around Bakhmut and the statements of Yevgeny Prigozhin: “I will not name anyone, but I will say that no matter what they say and what statements they make, we are talking about the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. These are all Russian forces. These are all the same forces that always pursue the same goal.

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