March 23, 2023

According to PoliticoIn the coming months, NATO will make additional efforts to deploy troops and equipment on the eastern flank and deploy tens of thousands of troops capable of quickly dispatching to the aid of Allied nations. The move is intended to prevent Russia from expanding war outside of Ukraine, indicates the publication on Saturday, March 18.

Alliance officials estimate that this will require up to 300,000 troops. The first echelon of troops could be about 100,000 troops ready to move out within 10 days. It can include troops from Poland, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, explains former NATO Assistant Secretary General for Defense Policy Horst-Heinrich Brauß. The second echelon is designed to support the first and should be ready for shipment from countries such as Germany within 10-30 days, the publication clarifies.

NATO Allies Must Provide Troops, Infrastructure and Weapons

However, for the successful implementation of the plan, the alliance needs to convince individual countries provide various elements – from military personnel and structures for their training to infrastructure and a large amount of expensive weapons, uniforms and ammunition, writes Politico. As countries are already concerned about their own insufficient stockpiles of ammunition, and Kyiv is in dire need of the continuation of the supply of shells and weapons by the Alliesthere is a risk that not all NATO countries will be able to fulfill their promises in connection with the new plans of the alliance, it is noted further.

As Politico points out, this is a challenge that could become a permanent problem for NATO, given that Russia’s war against Ukraine is now in its second year. This spring, the countries of the alliance will present updated regional plans for the defense of NATO, it is reported further.

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