March 23, 2023

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Jabugo has experienced a unique gastronomic day this Saturday with the celebration of the XIII Greatest Stew in the Worldwhich has brought together in the municipality more than 3,000 people who have not wanted to miss the tasting of this mountain delicacy. The event has been, if possible, more special this year, since it has been framed within the programming that the City Council is developing as Spanish Gastronomic City.

As is now traditional, around two in the afternoon, the mayor of Jabugo, Gilberto Domínguez, served the first course of stew. Thus began the distribution of the rations to all diners, served together with the typical ‘pringá’. Attendees have been able to fill their plate as many times as desired and accompany it, in addition, with other products from the area such as cheese, sausages and, how could it be otherwise, acorn-fed Iberian ham.

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Gilberto Domínguez has highlighted that the event this year is part of the activities scheduled for the appointment of Jabugo as a Gastronomic City and has considered that it is “a magnificent promotion for Jabugo”. Likewise, he has valued the work and effort made by the municipal volunteers, as well as the quality of the products with which the stew is made. “Once again we show that being a small town we are capable of doing great things”, highlighted the mayor.

The elaboration of the cocido entails a large number of preparations that are addressed throughout the week, led by Rosario Navarro, head of cocida since the first edition, who has the support of hundreds of helpers. In addition, some 60 industries from the area participate that provide the different ingredients or provide the necessary facilities, as well as local associations and those from other municipalities.

In the Cocido de Jabugo everything is big, starting with a pot of more than 2 meters in diameter and 2.15 meters high. The paddles to move the stew are two oars and the stove to heat it is 2,500 kilos of oak firewood. One of the secrets of its success in each edition is the indisputable quality of all the ingredients, among which 650 kg of chickpeas, more than 1,000 kg of Iberian meat, a 20-arrobas pig and a 30-meter chorizo ​​and blood sausage. . Each year the size of the stew has increased, specifically, in this edition the recipe has about 250 kg more.

The manufacturing process is slow and laborious, due to the huge amounts of ingredients that must be handled. All the products were thrown into the pot late on Friday afternoon, cooking over low heat all night with typical holm oak firewood and under the watchful eye of the volunteers who are in charge of their surveillance.

Many of the party participants have also taken the opportunity to take home the excellent products that Jabugo companies have for sale at the different stands spread throughout the soccer field, where the event is taking place.

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