March 23, 2023

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The candidate of PP to the Mayor of Huelva, Pilar Mirandahas held a meeting with the board of directors of the Association of Retailers of the Mercado del Carmento find out their needs and listen to their demands and has promised them dialogue to reorganize the management of the space.

In a statement, “in view of the discontent shown by the merchants for the current municipal management”, Miranda has promised them that when she is the mayoress of Huelva, she will “ensure dialogue between the city council and the market retailers, and reorganize the management of this space with legal guarantee”.

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In this sense, Miranda has considered it essential to maintain active communication with the citizens and has regretted that currently the doors of the town hall “are closed to these professionals, who are called to meetings every three months to reach agreements that are not later are fulfilled”.

Likewise, the popular candidate has considered that it is essential to make a change to the current management of the market because, “just as a person who lives for rent does not have to take charge of the maintenance works of the building of which he is a tenant, as it is of a municipal building, it is the city council that should take charge of the investments for the improvement of the property, such as the installation of LED lighting or the installation of photovoltaic panels, paid for by these merchants due to the refusal of the consistory to collaborate with them» .

Besides, Pilar Miranda He has also transferred his commitment to extol the Mercado del Carmen as a tourist attraction in the capital, since “the products that these men and women sell every day in their stalls are a spectacle and as such we have to make them known, among the Huelva and also among those who visit us.

To do this, as the candidate continued, “we want to promote visits to the markets during the week from the town hall, as well as energize the daily life of the market with activities designed to promote their products, because what the sea and the countryside give us de Huelva is excellent and the city has to know how to boast of that as well”.

He added that another of the concerns of the current board of directors of the Mercado del Carmen is waste management and he conveyed his intention to work for the placement of organic and recycling containers in the vicinity of the market, which would be collected on Monday to Saturday, “instead of how it is managed now, that the waste from the weekend is not collected until Monday and as a consequence the neighbors have to live with bad odors, especially during the hot months.”

Finally, the retailers have asked that the figure of the authority that existed previously be recovered and that when the person in charge of doing so retires, his position has not been covered. Pilar Miranda has accepted their request and has conveyed her intention to recover this paper “in which the town hall will offer merchants a liaison person to whom they can contact in the event that someone breaks the rules or creates a problem, so that act quickly and always guarantee security in this space.

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