March 31, 2023

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The current mayor of Saint Bartholomew of the Tower and president of the Provincial Council of Huelva, Maria Eugenia Limonwill again run for mayor of San Bartolomé de la Torre for the PSOE, as announced by the candidate through her social networks.

«I never thought that my first legislature as mayor would be accompanied by a health crisis, a war, and therefore, an economic crisis. But, despite so much uncertainty, it has been a great satisfaction to have been able to promote and undertake great projects, great hopes and great opportunities, which have had an impact on the well-being and progress of the place where we were born and grew up, our town, San Bartolomé. De la Torre,” he said.

In a message addressed to the Bartolinos, he points out that “andListening to you, trying to give you answers, and ensuring that your needs and demands are met is the most gratifying thing for me and my entire Government Team” to which she added that “being mayor is closeness and direct treatment, it is always being available to my neighbors, in the Town Hall, in the street, in the bar, in the square».

An advertisement for Saint Barthélemy

For this reason, he stated, “I want to announce that I will present myself again as a candidate for Mayor of San Bartolomé de la Torre. Being the mayoress of my town is, without a doubt, the most beautiful thing I have been able to experience in politics; Today I am more excited if possible, and from the heart I want to ask you to help me leave a town with a future for our children, I want to ensure that all your dreams, your challenges and what makes you wake up every day with a smile are part of of my Town Project».

The mayoress indicates that «my great project is that you be happy, because the happiness of my neighbors is the greatest achievement to which I can aspire as the mayoress.

«You are Saint Bartholomew. We are all Saint Bartholomew. I promise to do it with you. Let’s do it together!”, “There is no greater illusion for me than helping you make what you dream of every day come true. Making your dream come true is mine”, concludes Maria Eugenia Limón in networks.

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