June 5, 2023

Dozens of schoolchildren were brought to the famous private museum of the Leningrad region about the Great Patriotic War. 47news realized how modern they are reacting to the tanks raised near the Nevsky Piglet.

On May 3, about 30 elementary school students from St. Petersburg Gymnasium No. 24 named after Krylov came on an excursion to the Battle for Leningrad Museum (Vsevolozhsky District). The Bronka Group holding helped. The exposition that businessman Oleg Titberia has been collecting since 1996, contains more than 10 thousand exceptional exhibits. Even artillery, self-propelled guns, aircraft.


From the main – a steam locomotive of the Er series. Huge. A similar one in 1945 brought news to Leningrad about the complete defeat of Germany.

We managed to find the number of the KV-1 tank raised from the Neva. The last battle of this machine took place at the end of 1941 on the Nevsky Piglet. Only one survived from his crew and went through the whole war – this is radio operator Vladimir Melnikov. After the restoration of the tank, which lasted 4 years, a meeting with the past was organized in the museum.

They also talked with schoolchildren about the fate of the T-38 amphibious tank. He also swam across the Neva in the area of ​​the Nevsky Piglet. During that attack, out of ten tanks, only two were able to reach land, but they were also destroyed already on the shore. Inside this, they found the remains of a fighter and found out his name – Yegor Arkhipov. After we managed to find his daughter. They buried him in his small homeland. These are all human stories.

The tank “T-34-76” was brought here to running condition. He is from the Sinyavin Heights. With children, the tank even made a small passage. It rumbled, but I liked it.

There were no selfies. And according to those who took the children, some of them decided to make their own museums. But in Minecraft. For non-advanced adults, this is a popular computer game that allows you to build your own virtual world.

As Oleg Titberia himself told us, he will soon complete the next stage of restoration of two aircraft – the IL-2 attack aircraft and the MIG-3 fighter, which participated in the battles over the Road of Life. “Our guests will be able to sit in the cockpit of a real combat aircraft, put their finger on the trigger of a machine gun,” he suggests.


“We are actively helping veterans of the Leningrad Region, participants in the NWO, but the future will be ruled by the young – our children,” Nikita Murov, general director of the Bronka Group holding, told us in turn. “And the museum is unique. Here you can touch with your own hands, touch the weapons with which our ancestors won. This is so, if, of course, you are not indifferent.

In February of this year, Bronka Group has already arranged a trip here for the children of migrantsstudying in Murino.

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