May 28, 2023

The lead singer of the Bi-2 group hinted that concerts in Russia can not be expected – although the band is still scheduled to perform at Luzhniki on June 10. The details were found out in the comments to the messages of users in the personal account of Leva Bi-2 in social networks. The media drew attention to them on May 11.

“Leva, I wanted to know, maybe you can answer. Will there be concerts in Russia? Is it ever worth the wait? I was at one, the best of the concerts I have been to. I would be grateful for an answer,” one of them asked.

And I received a response from the artist: “I will not return to Russia”

“Can i ask you? another subscriber entered the discussion. – And if you don’t return to the Russian Federation, then why do you sell tickets for a concert in Luzhniki, in Sochi, in Volgograd on your website? If you decide that you will not perform in the Russian Federation, then why put up for sale tickets for a concert in Russian cities? If the events take place, this is certainly good, but many of you write in a telegram that they have tickets to Luzhniki since 2021. I really want to get to your performance, so I’m worried.”

“This is just a formality,” Leva Bi-2 replied.

In the tour schedule of the group, published on the band’s website, the Moscow concert, as well as performances in other cities of Russia, really appears. Previously, the band’s participation in the concert was canceled “Brother-2: Live Soundtrack” And rock festival in Voronezh.

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