March 23, 2023

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He José Celestino Mutis Botanical Park is the star of ‘La Rábida in Spring’an extensive program of activities for all audiences which for the second year organizes the Provincial Council of Huelva. The Botanical Garden, which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary – this past March 15 marked the three decades since its inauguration – will be the center of this proposal for all audiences.

This Saturday the park will receive a visit from the Onubasax orchestra and, within the ‘Growing up in La Rábida’ space, there will be a personal growth workshop dedicated to ‘Mindfulness of body, mind and emotion. The points of your balance’. Tomorrow, Sunday 19, it will be the turn of Dante’s Storytelling, the Elephant Storyteller, The Selfish Giant, Love and Madness and The Adventures of a Drop of Water, an activity that wants to promote a link between the little ones and the park from of their experiences.

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The objective of the Unit of La Rábida is that this unique environment has life 365 days a year, cultural and tourist activities, in short, many attractions to offer the thousands of people who visit it every year. The Celestino Mutis Park is in constant renovation, and this year, among its improvements, the signage of more than 200 species and the implementation of a solar energy project for lighting the park are included.

Activities ‘La Rábida in Spring’ 2023

‘Exit for Exit’. José Celestino Mutis himself will be in charge of carrying out a series of guided tours of the park on March 18 and 25, from April 1 to 8 (Holy Week), to conclude on Saturdays April 22 and 29.

‘Art and Nature in La Rábida’. A program of activities directed by Carlos Dovao, where art is present in this place with the interpretation of the natural heritage: ‘Travel through animals and plants’, ‘Greenhouse, Biology and art’, ‘Music in the Park’ -with different artists in the park-, ‘Las Tardes del Foro’-through the Culture Area- and the II “La Rábida” painting meeting, a contest “which will be focused this year on the park and which has the largest economic endowment at the national level, with 15,000 euros in prizes”, highlighted the deputy.

‘Growing up in La Rábida’. This cycle of workshops for personal growth, born in 2022 and directed by Marta Martín, reaped a resounding success and this year returns with seven independent workshops, one from the other, dedicated to personal growth and development to be carried out alone or with the family. The unique environment of the park for direct contact with nature favors internal and family balance, working emotions, breathing, well-being, non-violent communication, emotional and gestural expression, connection and bonds, contemplations and mandalas.

‘Growing up in La Rábida’ It will end in May with the A_MAR Wellness Days, which will have the participation of Elsa Punset, a writer of recognized prestige and specialists in Emotional Education.

‘Mini Mutis’. Special program for boys and girls aimed at introducing them to natural knowledge in a fun way, starting with ‘El Parque de la Ilusión’, with figures of characters spread throughout the space; an extensive Storytelling program throughout the month of March and on April 8; and a novel event, aimed at family reconciliation: the ‘Celestino Mutis Camp’, which will be held on April 4 and 5, for a total of 150-200 boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 12.

Finally, the deputy for the Presidency emphasized the ‘Ambassadors of La Rábida’ program, “a program that began last year, dedicated to the figure of Whasington Irving, and that this year, how could it be otherwise, It will be dedicated to Celestino Mutis, for which we will soon hold a school tiktok contest for schools”.

Through the Provincial Council website You will be able to see exactly the place, date and times of each activity, in addition to making the registrations in the activities that require it.

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