March 21, 2023

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Social organizations and associations Huelva have presented this Friday, at the gates of the Health Delegation of the capital, the manifestation convened for Saturday March 25 «in defense of public health» of the province, due to its «deficiencies» and «historical claims», and to demand from the Andalusian Government «a change in health policies», as well as the withdrawal of the order published on February 23 of the Ministry of Health “in which the possibility of privatizing Primary Care in Andalusia was opened”.

As they have indicated in a press release, it is a social mobilization, which will be held jointly throughout Andalusia, and which in the province of Huelva has been convened by more than thirty organizations made up of union representatives, political parties , neighborhood associations and patients, among others, who have joined to “raise their voices and ask for a quality public health system that covers the needs of users and that covers the multiple deficiencies that this province suffers in health matters ».

Junta de Andalucía.  Education

The representatives of the different associations have indicated that they share the “general abandonment that both users and professionals of the SAS«, with «endless waiting lists and medical neglect derived from the mismanagement of the Government to which is now added the intention to privatize primary care».

“All these deficiencies that add to historical claims that place Huelva in the tail wagon of the community in health matters, being the only province without maternal and child, with a low-minimum neurology service or unfinished chares”, they have pointed out before add that “there are plenty of reasons to take to the streets”, because “sooner or later all people have the need to go through the health services”.

With these arguments, the conveners call on civil society “to join the demonstration” that on March 25, at 12:00 p.m., will depart from Avenida Federico Molina (Plaza de El Corte Inglés) towards the Health office, located on Avenida Martín Alonso Pinzón.

“A mobilization that is necessary so that once and for all the Junta de Andalucía listens to the citizens of Huelva, a population to which this Government turns its back on health matters,” they concluded.

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