June 5, 2023

The head of Bali’s transport service, Samsi Gunartha, said foreign tourists must have a local driver’s license (SIM) to rent scooters and motorcycles on the island. This was reported on May 10 by the agency ANTARA.

“It is necessary. If they drive without a SIM, they will face disciplinary action,” the official said.

He noted that some tourists rent motorcycles without any rights at all. However, he did not specify how to obtain local rights, and when this provision will come into force.

In March, Bali Governor Wayan Coster announced a ban on the rental of motorcycles and scooters for foreign tourists due to frequent accidents. They will be able to use only separate, specially prepared modes of transport, which will provide “high-quality and decent tourism.” The ban has not yet been officially introduced. In May, Vayan Koster announced the preparation of a quota system for foreign tourists in response to violations of the rules of stay and noted that most of the violating tourists came from Russia. Fontanka wrote that for “low-quality” tourists Bali can close for 100 years.

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