May 28, 2023

On April 29, the Planetarium 1 Library organizes a five-hour Astronomical Festival “The Sky is Calling!”: there will be lectures, master classes, and at the same time they will tell you what you can see through a telescope during the day – and this is not only the Sun. For free. 6+


Three achromatic lenses, a pipe from a vacuum cleaner, a small plastic tube (you can use a ballpoint pen), plastic corks from plastic bottles. From this (not everything is listed here yet) you can make a telescope. The pipe from the vacuum cleaner serves as just a telescope pipe. They assure that in such a home-made device you can admire Venus and Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, craters on the Moon. We will find out if this is so in one master class, and in another we will learn the basics of astrophotography. It is noteworthy that usually one of the main conditions for creating such photographs is called a dark night, away from city light – in fact, during the day you can take pictures of the Moon, and even some planets.

And at the lectures they will tell you what our Milky Way galaxy consists of (from recent news: it may be 50% smaller than it was thought); what the other path consists of (the lecture is called “China’s Space Route”) and how to open the planet (there are at least five ways).

We gather in the Library “Planetarium 1” (Emb. Obvodny Canal, 74 lit. C, glass structure in front of the Planetarium). Details of the program and registration in the public library on VKontakte. Start at 15:00.

Alexandra Sheromova

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