March 30, 2023

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The citizenship of nerve received with “disbelief and joy” the news that the Junta de Andalucía has begun to take action to control the management and filling of the toxic dump located 700 meters from one of the neighborhoods of this Huelva town.

They have found it incredible because they have been, from society and any type of entity that has wanted to support them, denouncing breaches, incidents, risks and even what they consider abuses that take place with the operation of this facility, since it began to operate. work in 1998.

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And joy has flooded them because the Nerva toxic landfill is the worst nightmare of this town and its region, in the province of Huelva, and its closure would allow them to glimpse a new dream future for their people.

For the Commission for the closure of the YA landfillthe statement by the DSM company that “its facility in Nerva is the only one capable of housing the management of hazardous waste that does not have alternative treatments to deposit” may have been true years ago, but the use and abuse of this facility for Definitive deposit of hazardous waste from the international waste market has led to a current situation similar to that of non-hazardous vessels for hazardous waste vessels, with its evident impairment for use by the Andalusian industry.

The Commission considers that, if the same type of investigation was carried out on the hazardous waste vessels, the conclusions of the Junta de Andalucía would be of the same seriousness and, consequently, they should also begin to be closed; that is, the definitive closure of the entire facility and immediately. For this reason, the Board’s response to the Commission’s early warning seems late and incomplete.

Remember that the Junta de Andalucía, according to the media, affirms that the DSM company “allegedly falsified the data required by the applicable regulations” and that it had “the will to confuse or deceive about the mass deposited and about the state of the installation in relation to what is authorized”.

DSM, for its part, responds to these facts that we have known today by discrediting the work of the Andalusian government staff and insulting the business and professional capacity of the company hired to carry out the study of the situation of the installation as follows: « The administration has validated and has not contrasted the results obtained by the external company hired, a small local company, with other reports from companies of recognized prestige, sufficiently accredited, that use more appropriate measurement systems.

From the Commission for the closure of the YA landfill, they made public a few weeks ago their appreciation that the company “informs public opinion inaccurately and distorted.” For this reason, they share the joy with the people of Nerva, but nevertheless, they want to convey to the public that it is necessary to be cautious, since the Junta de Andalucía has only proceeded to make public a sanction file and the DSM company announces that it will appeal, despite the fact that his credibility is in question.

For the Commission, the evidence does not depend on the size or power of the contracted company, being absolutely reliable any of the small Andalusian companies that work with the necessary rigor and quality, and in any case reflect reality: the height of the waste make it easy to drag due to the rains or due to their own inconsistency to the Río Tinto Ecological Corridor (European Natura 2000 Network area), with the consequent risks for the people who work in the landfill and for those who work in the fisheries located on the coast Huelva.

The Commission anticipates that it will continue to be necessary for the people and civil society to mobilize to achieve the final closure of the entire landfill with all the guarantees and the implementation of the monitoring and control plan for the facility, with the maintenance of their workers.

The Commission for the closure of the YA landfill is made up of individuals and the following entities representing the public: the Nerva City Council, the local political groups PSOE and Izquierda Unida, the citizen associations Salud y Dignidad de Nerva and Riotinto , the Nerva and Zalamea la Real landfill platforms, and Ecologists in Action.

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